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1D-AL-LAD erklärt

1D-AL-LAD explains


What is 1D-AL-LAD

1-(1,2-Dimethylcyclobutane-1-carbonyl)-lysergic acid diethylamide (1D-AL-LAD) is a putative prodrug of AL-LAD and a derivative of lysergic acid that occurs naturally in ergot. It is believed that 1D-AL-LAD is converted to AL-LAD in the human body.

Comparison with LSD and AL-LAD

1D-AL-LAD is not to be viewed as a 100% identical derivative to conventional LSD, but rather comparable to the LSD variant AL-LAD. It is generally reported that AL-LAD represents a kind of "light version" of LSD, in which the usual strong changes in thinking and thoughts are absent, while the visual perceptions are similar. However, the intensity can vary from person to person. Some report only mild hallucinogenic effects at comparably high doses, but this has not yet been proven with certainty.

Market launch and research status

Due to its recent launch in July 2023, there are few reviews or research on 1D-AL-LAD so far. Since it is not subject to the “New Psychoactive Substances Act” (NpSG), purchasing the substance is currently legal.

Guidelines for safe use

The same rules for safe use apply to 1D-AL-LAD as to all other psychoactive substances:

The safest way to handle 1D-AL-LAD is to treat the substance with respect. People with mental illnesses or severe psychological stress should avoid consumption.

If you are inexperienced, it is important to maintain control of your environment and stay near trusted friends. Ideally, you should have a sober “tripsitter” accompany you. If you feel unwell during the trip, retreat to a familiar, safe place and let your thoughts change. When you are at home, pleasant lighting, candles and incense can have a calming effect. It is recommended to have a playlist of your favorite songs in the background.

In an emergency or panic attack, call an emergency doctor on 112. The paramedics and doctors will not judge you for your consumption, but will help you in your situation. It is possible to reduce the effects of an LSD trip using certain medications. However, this can and should only happen under medical supervision.


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