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1D-LSD Verbot?

Will 1D-LSD be banned?


What is 1D-LSD anyway?

1D-LSD is a derivative of the legendary LSD. Users of this substance report identical effects compared to the original. The only difference between the two substances is that the chemical structure of 1D LSD has been slightly changed.
We will explain the more precise chemical composition, the effect of the product and much more in future blog entries. So stay tuned and visit us regularly.

Why is 1D-LSD legal?

In short: In Germany, any substance that is not explicitly listed as illegal is legal. In the case of 1D-LSD, you can easily order your research material online and experiment with it.
The predecessors of 1D-LSD (1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD) were already included in the NpSG in recent years after many enthusiastic buyers. This means they can no longer be sold freely.

Development for the market

The legality of the derivative brought more and more researchers into the community, which logically stimulates the market. Several online providers changed their range to the new bestseller and made customers happy with their products.

Announcement of the new law

The agenda for the upcoming plenary session of the Federal Council was published on March 5th. Contrary to expectations, but much to the delight of the community, nothing was mentioned in this article about the 1D-LSD ban. The corresponding draft law is already available, so the Federal Council would only have to vote on it. Even until the meeting itself, no relevant item was added to the agenda, so our 1D-LSD remains legal.

What does the change in the law mean for me as a researcher?

If the law changes, you wouldn't have to worry about owning or consuming your research material. Both remain unpunished. The only problem in the future would be that we would unfortunately no longer be able to sell 1D-LSD in our shop. We cannot currently say exactly whether and when we will receive new derivatives.
What is certain is that we are working hard to continue to offer you high-quality and legal products, so be excited to see what the future holds.

What is the current outlook?

The current outlook is still quite unclear, as no final and official decision has yet been made by the father state. However, since it must be assumed that this will be negative for us researchers in the future, we must prepare ourselves to develop a successor derivative.
We are working hard to find the highest quality alternative for you and will of course update you, so please check our Acid Berlin page regularly.

Where and until when can I still buy 1D-LSD?

You can buy 1D-LSD online completely legally and discreetly in our Acid Berlin Shop. In addition to the classic 1D-LSD blotters and the 1D-AL-LAD blotters, we also offer our microdose and extradose pellets and our dropper bottle (currently unfortunately sold out), all of the best quality and tested by external laboratories. Of course, payment and shipping are 100% discreet and serious, so you can order and enjoy in a relaxed manner. We look forward to your order.


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