Who we are and what we plan to do.

About Us

The idea for an LSD online store, like many other good ideas, came about at a party. The difference is, we implemented this idea. We have been one of the largest and most successful shops in this area for almost three years now. Continuous improvements and our emphasis on the highest possible quality right from the start have rewarded us with over 25,000 satisfied customers."}]}]}

“The difference is: we implemented this idea.”

Our history

It all started in the basement at home, with the simplest technology and a lot of manual work. At the beginning we shipped by letter and without parcel tracking, and support and customer service also caused us some problems. We have come a long way and have made many optimizations to be able to offer you the service you are now used to. All efforts have paid off, not many shops can claim to have been able to successfully assert themselves on the market for almost three years, from 1cP-LSD to 1V-LSD to 1D-LSD. Hopefully we still have a long journey ahead of us.

Our team

Behind every successful project there is a motivated team. We can proudly claim to have exactly this. From initially two people, we have now grown to seven people. Each specialist in their field, be it shipping, support, marketing or project management. Everything so that you can experience the usual Acid-Berlin.de shopping experience. Easy ordering, fast shipping and, if there are any problems, uncomplicated support are our standard. We are happy to be there for you so that you can research.

“Easy ordering, fast shipping and, if there are any problems, uncomplicated support are our standard.”

Our vision

For some time now we have been selling not only LSD derivatives, but also CBD flowers. The expansion of the product range has been so well received by you that we are working hard to be able to present you with new products. 1D-AL-LAD and 1D-LSD have recently been available to order in drop bottles. The range will continue to be expanded in the future and the shopping experience will be continually optimized. We at Acid Berlin stand for the highest quality and customer satisfaction.


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