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Optimale Lagerung von 1D-LSD

Storage of 1D-LSD


Optimal storage conditions for 1D-LSD

Cool, dark and dry, these are the main factors for storing LSD.

The ideal storage for blotters and tablets containing 1D-LSD is cool, dark and dry. An airtight container, such as a zip lock bag, in a drawer away from heat sources is optimal. It is recommended to keep 1D-LSD away from direct sunlight to avoid degradation​​​​.

For an even longer shelf life, 1D-LSD can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. It is important that the packaging is absolutely airtight. Under these conditions, 1D-LSD can be stored for several years without significant loss of quality​​​​.

Tips for effective storage

Tips for effective storage

Airtight Containers : Using airtight containers prevents exposure to moisture and air, significantly increasing shelf life. Because 1D-LSD loses its effectiveness when it comes into contact with moisture.

Protection from light and heat: Direct sunlight and heat sources can alter the chemical structure of 1D-LSD and reduce its effectiveness. When exposed to high heat, 1D-LSD loses its effect completely.

Keep closed: Open the storage container only when necessary to minimize contact with air and moisture. 1D-LSD is best stored in a shrink-wrapped container.

Shelf life and consumption risks

Under optimal conditions, 1D-LSD has a shelf life of several months to several years. However, the active ingredient content per blotter can decrease over time, so that after a few months/years it is no longer possible to estimate exactly how much active ingredient is contained. This makes the consumption of blotters that have been stored for a longer period of time more dangerous, so you should initially research small quantities. However, it is best to use 1D-LSD within a few weeks of ordering.

The Acid Berlin packaging makes it possible

To make the efficient storage of 1D-LSD as easy as possible, we send a special resealable baggie with every 1D-LSD. In this, your 1D-LSD is protected from air and UV radiation, so that you have optimal storage conditions upon delivery.


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