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Set und Setting

Set and setting


What is set and setting?

Set and setting refers to the mental and mental state as well as the effect of the environment in which the researcher finds himself. Set and setting are factors that should by no means be neglected in well-conducted research, but travel can also be influenced.
Set and setting play a crucial role, especially when it comes to consuming psychedelics, as they are known to amplify what is going on inside and outside of us.

What is the set?

“Set” refers to the mental and spiritual state of the researcher before and during the trip. This is about the interaction of emotions, mood, experiences or moments that are stored in the subconscious. Personal attitudes or fears can also influence this. So it is the entirety of the interior that is described as a “set”.

What is the setting?

Everything that takes place outside of your own body is called a “setting”. So it's about the environment, external influences and stimuli that influence the researcher. A well-chosen setting is half the battle for a pleasant trip.

How are set and setting related?

If the set and setting are optimal for the researcher, a much deeper experience can occur during the trip. A pleasant, familiar environment is usually recommended, especially for the first experiences, as it radiates calm and conveys a feeling of security within. Design the set and setting carefully to get the most out of your trip.

Why is set and setting so important?

As already mentioned, you should not underestimate the set and setting and choose one that makes you feel comfortable. This opens up new ways to travel and at the same time minimizes the chance of experiencing negative side effects such as nervousness.
With a good set and setting, nothing stands in the way of an optimal trip.

How can I control set and setting?

With the following points you can easily control your set and setting to give yourself the best possible experience.

Planning and preparation
Plan your trip in advance. Reflect on what your goals and key points are for your project and realize who you currently are and what thoughts might arise.

Choice of setting
Choose a setting in which you feel as comfortable as possible. Ideally a place that you know and associate with positive experiences. It can also be helpful to listen to your favorite playlist and create pleasant lighting conditions.
It may also be advisable to have an alternative “retreat” where you can be alone and experience fewer external stimuli. This makes it easier to find peace and find yourself again in the event of a less pleasant trip.

You shouldn't stress yourself about this experience. It's more important to accept how you feel and enjoy the experience.


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